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Tasting Sound, Listening to Taste

Tasting sound, Listening to Taste – menu/score

Listen, taste and travel through your body memories. Send us your taste with your voice, words and other means (via mic). Receive ours with your guts, heart and brain. In real time.

Tasting Sound, Listening to Taste (a shared telematic journey through food and migrations) was a 20-minute improvisatory telematic performance, prepared for the Festival of Performances at the 2nd Deep Listening Art/Science conference, and created by Ximena Alarcón, Inês Amado and Ron Herrema in London, and with guests Sharon Stewart, Joe Patatucci and Jonathan Hoefs at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. It took place on the 13th of July, 2014, at 1:00pm Troy time, and 5:00pm, London time.

In the making of the initial menu, which we shared with our guests, we focused on aspects of relocation and transformation of sound and taste as they are mediated from one environment to another, one location to another location. We invited them to exchange playfully experiences of taste and sound.

What would be the sensation, the perception and the memory of tasting a sound made by the foreign ingredient, which helped make that sound? How do we experience the displacement, within our improvisation and how does it sound?

How does sound influence taste? And how does taste inform sound?

Our menu was informed by spontaneous connections we made in our daily life with taste and sound, and which we were exchanging by texting each other via mobile phones; these texts created the material, which was used in the performance. We are migrants based in the UK, where people have and still rely on food from all corners of the world. Our experiences of food are enlarged by the fact that we have been recently identified as being allergic to certain foods, perhaps as a result of global mobility of food, and our bodies’ acceptance or rejection of these. Our bodies are silent witnesses of our process of geographical mobility.

We intended to manifest the perception, intuition, sensation and feeling of the food we taste and the sounds it makes, while crossing the borders of our bodies and minds.

“It was lively and funny and juicy and crunchy! What a thought-provoking score, and it was really magical to be carried in the stream of your words, thoughts and sounds.” (Sharon Stewart)

“O yesss it was… yummy, visceral and TOTALLY satisfying (despite reports that we would never be satisfied) Would love to perform the piece again, I was sharing with Sharon and Joe the other day that the process of relating to my food memories and sounding them was a very transformative one for me. Afterwards, when we went to lunch, we were giddy and completely in another dimension. Certainly signs of success. ” (Jonathan Hoefs)

“I continue to sense the texture of the fig we shared together in telematic space. We may never have seen it but we tasted it together, so it must exist.” (Joe Patatucci)

A video with the sound of both locations is forthcoming.

Here there are some excerpts from our work:

performance 1

Performing “Tasting sound, listening to taste” stills from video © Inês Amado


Here you can listen to a sound collage of some moments of the improvisation, from London’s location. Although Troy’s side cannot be heard; only as a distant voice as if it were a telephonic conversation (voice heard through the headphones), it is interesting to note our pauses, and synchronised responses to their sounds.

We triggered pre-recorded sounds from computer keyboards via a PD interface created by Ron Herrema, and performed live sounds too. We connected via the software Jacktrip, and our sounds were played in the cafe area of EMPAC at Troy, New York, where our guests were, just before lunch.


Performing “Tasting sound, listening to taste” stills from video © Inês Amado

Special thanks to Dave Samson, from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), for his amazing and swift support for the technical setting (Jacktrip connection and amplification). Many thanks to the network support (IP addresses and ports) offered by Severin Adou and Santhanarajah Krishnarajah, at the University of the Arts London, and Dave Bebb and Brian Cook at RPI.

Many thanks to all improvisers for this listening exploration of memories, sounds and buds.

This performance was supported by Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice (CRiSAP), based at London College of Communication, University of the Arts London.

Remote Encounters

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 13.45.19

I experienced Remote Encounters in Cardiff; April 11th and 12th, 2013. A conference organised by the Cardiff School of Creative and Cultural Industries from the University of Glamorgan.

Escaping from the over-constructed city centre, on an early morning I go to find the bay.
I hold the torch of the World Harmony Peace statue, to connect with others’ wishes for peace in the world. I am connected with many people using no physical equipment. Holding the torch connects me.

The bodily sensations at that moment are triggered by external stimulus of the sense of touch; I was wondering about internal stimulus, like sound that comes into our bodies when we listen. I imitate the many sounds of the many seagulls; do they imitate my sound, their sound?
Sound is touching our bodies outside and inside. Our mind can scan the inner body, as can the food: internal touch.

At the conference, I noticed how deconstructing my work is the only way to present it. This is the manner in which it comes to life in many different ways. I am more comfortable with the realisation of this… Networked Migrations’ life.

I also noticed that most people working on networked performance live in-between different cities and countries. We hold many identities and languages, and we materialise these in networked performances of all kinds.
We are creating new aesthetics, new sensibilities. Our sensibilities are changing.

There is a forthcoming publication of the papers and performances experienced at Remote Encounters, in ‘Liminalities: a Journal of performance studies‘!

Escucha otra vez: Sueños Migratorios/ Listen again: Migratory Dreams

(English and credits/créditos below)

En la noche de Londres, en Resonance FM, y en la tarde de Bogotá-Colombia, en Plataforma Bogotá el 3 de agosto, se reunieron dos grupos de soñadores para tejer un sueño colectivo, con sus voces y otros sonidos, a través de Internet. Sueño, del que se sueña cuando se duerme, de manera inconsciente y libre, que se teje con el sueño-deseo consciente. Los dos se entrelazan en el contexto de la migración. La migración del que se va del país y llega a Londres, y continúa allí. También la migración del que salió y volvió. Del que nació en Colombia con padres extranjeros, y del que migra a través de los sueños y de la tecnología. Todas estas vivencias se encuentran en un contexto de país, que se quiere, se extraña, del cual se huye y que se afirma como raíz. En un mundo globalizado y localizado, la realidad despierta y la realidad del sueño se confunden. Los participantes aportan con sus diversas experiencias y formas de narrar, únicas para cada uno, el intento por escuchar y escucharse, sin conocerse, en el caso de los grupos distantes. Esto hace parte de la Escucha Profunda (Deep Listening); estar allí, con el otro, estar en el sueño, estar donde se quiere estar. A veces ni aquí, ni allá, pero en ese lugar intermedio. El uso de la voz, de las palabras y acentos (con tanto significado para un colombiano, y con tanta abstracción para un extranjero) y de los sonidos abstractos, con múltiples narrativas, todas libres. De manera inconsciente el tejido sonoro se marca por sutiles voces que dicen “otra vez”, extrayendo lo que es común, el tema recurrente, que en la distancia puede sorprender a los mismos participantes. Internet, el software TubePlug, el patch hecho en Max, y la transmisión de radio en directo, son artefactos que contribuyen a crear ese “Internet Auditorium“. La distinción entre los dos espacios se marca en las voces y forma expresiva de los participantes, influidas por el contexto geográfico donde se encuentran, y el medio acústico. En Londres ese fue uno de los días más calientes de este corto verano; en Bogotá llovía… El feedback y la desconexión hacen parte de la poética sonora de este performance telemático. La espontaneidad del performance improvisado, se combina con momentos de increíble fluidez. La audiencia es distante, inclusive cuando en el caso de Plataforma Bogotá, algunos oyentes se congregaron en una sala especialmente adaptada para la escucha. La naturaleza de los sueños es profundamente migratoria. Los invito a escuchar estos sueños, modos de escucha y expresión, de manera profunda y libre.

English and credits/créditos

On the 3rd of August, in the night at Resonance FM in London, and in the afternoon at Plataforma Bogotá, in Bogotá-Colombia, two groups of dreamers met to weave a collective dream, with their voices and other sounds, through the Internet. A dream, the one that comes when they sleep, unconscious and free, that is woven with the conscious dream-desire. Both are woven in the context of migration. The migration of whom leaves the country and arrives in London, and remains there. Also the migration of whom left the country and came back, the one of whom was born in Colombia from foreign parents, and the one who migrates through dreams and technology. In a globalised and localized world, the waking reality and the dream reality overlap. Participants contribute with diverse experiences and narrative forms, unique, the intention of listening to others and to themselves, without knowing each other, in the case of the distant groups. This is part of Deep Listening; to be there, with the other, to be in the dream, to be when one wishes to be. Sometimes feeling neither here or there but in an in-between space. The use of the voice, words, accents (with lots of meaning for a Colombian, and full of abstraction for a non-Colombian) and of abstract sounds, multiple narratives, all free. In an unconscious manner, the sound thread is marked by subtle “otra vez” (meaning “again”), which extracts what is common, the recurrent theme, which in the distance might surprise participants themselves. Internet, the software TubePlug, the patch created in Max, and the radio broadcast, are artefacts that contribute to create this Internet Auditorium. The distinction between the two locations (London and Bogotá) is marked by their voices and expressive manner influenced by the context where they are, and the acoustic space. In London it was one of the warmest days of a short summer, in Bogotá it was raining… The feedback and the disconnection are part of the sound poetry of this telematic performance. The spontaneity of the improvisation is combined with moments of incredible fluidity. Audiences are distant, even though in the case of Plataforma Bogotá, there was an audience in a listening room specially prepared for that. Nature of dreams is profoundly migratory. I am inviting you to listen to these dreams again, people’s listening and expression modes, in a deep and free manner.

Dreamers and performers London/ Soñadores y performers Londres: Amaru, Nelly, Sebastián, Steve Cárdenas Mosquera
Dreamers and performers Bogotá/ Soñadores y performers en Bogotá: Diana María Restrepo, Joela, Sandra Miranda Pattin, Tzitzi Barrantes
Programmer Max Interface/ Programador Max Interface: Emmett Glynn
Venues: Resonance FM (London), Plataforma Bogotá (Bogotá)
Streaming software: TubePlug
Collaborators: Deep Listening Institute (Kingston-NY), Plataforma Bogotá (Colombia), Resonance FM (London)

This is a project by Ximena Alarcón from CRiSAP (Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice)/London College of Communication, University of the Arts London.

Sueños Migratorios – Performance Telemático, Londres-Bogotá Agosto. 3

Sueños Migratorios es una exploración sonora en el mundo de los sueños, hecha por un grupo de colombianos que han migrado a Londres, y un grupo de colombianos que viven en Bogotá, quienes han migrado a través de los sueños, familias, amigos y tecnología a otros espacios, y también algunos quienes han migrado geográficamente y han regresado a su país.

Los soñadores han explorado los espacios donde suceden sus sueños y los sentimientos relacionados con sus migraciones. Ellos han seguido un proceso a través de la práctica de la Escucha Profunda, viajando en tiempo y espacio a través de la escucha y han explorado la experiencia sonora en sus sueños. Al compartir sus sueños ellos los han amplificado en la realidad despierta con la ayuda de los otros soñadores, escuchando y expresándose sonoramente, y han tejido un sueño colectivo en cada ciudad. En el performance a través de Internet, Colombianos desde las dos ciudades, se encontrarán para tejer , otro sueño, trascendiendo aún más los lugares geográficos donde los soñadores se encuentran, y donde sus sueños suceden.

Dónde podrían llevarte estos sueños?

Escúchalos en vivo en Resonance 104.4FM el 3 de Agosto a las 8:00pm (hora Londres) y a las 2:00pm (hora Bogotá).

Soñadores y performers en Londres: Amaru, Nelly, Sebastián, Steve Cárdenas Mosquera
Soñadores y performers en Bogotá: Diana María Restrepo, Joela, Sandra Miranda Pattin, Tzitzi Barrantes
Programador Interface: Emmett Glynn

Performance apoyado por:
CRiSAP – Creative Research in Sound Arts Practice, LCC University of the Arts London, en colaboración con Plataforma Bogotá, Deep Listening Institute y Resonance FM.

Migratory Dreams – Telematic Sonic Performance London – Bogotá Aug. 3rd

Migratory Dreams is a sonic exploration of dreams made by a group of Colombians who have migrated to London, and a group of Colombians residing in Bogotá who have migrated through dreams, families, friends, and technology to many other spaces, and some of whom have migrated geographically and returned to their country.

Dreamers have looked at the spaces where their dreams take place and the feelings associated with these in relation to their migrations. They have engaged in Deep Listening exercises, traveling in time and space through listening, and explored their sonic experience in dreams. When sharing their dreams they have amplified them in the waking reality with the help of the other dreamers, by listening and sounding, and have woven a collective dream in each city. In the Internet-based performance, Colombians from these distant locations will meet to weave, in real-time, another dream, transcending even more the geographical spaces where the dreamers are, and where their dreams take place.

Where might Colombians’ dreams take you?

Live on Resonance 104.4 FM on the 3rd of August, 2012 at 8:00pm (London time) 2:00pm (Bogotá time)

Performers Dreamers in London: Amaru, Nelly, Sebastián, Steve Cárdenas Mosquera
Performers Dreamers in Bogotá: Diana María Restrepo, Joela, Sandra Miranda Pattin, Tzitzi Barrantes
Programmer Interface: Emmett Glynn

Performance supported by:
CRiSAP – Creative Research in Sound Arts Practice, LCC University of the Arts London, in collaboration with Plataforma Bogotá, Deep Listening Institute and Resonance FM.

Lanzamiento convocatoria Bogotá – Call Bogotá

(English below)
Se lanzó la convocatoria pública para participantes en Bogotá en el performance Sueños Migratorios a través de Plataforma Bogotá. Los talleres en Bogotá se realizarán el Martes 24, Miércoles 25, Viernes 27 y Martes 31 de julio de 10:00am a 1:00pm.
El performance: 3 de agosto de 2:00pm a 4:00pm.

Tuvimos ayer nuestra segunda prueba de conexión entre Resonance FM y Plataforma Bogotá, usando el software TubePlug. Tuvimos algunos problemas de conexión que esperamos resolver pronto. Escogimos espacios para el performance en Bogotá, como la Sala de Muestras (abajo), y el Laboratorio, como espacio de escucha. La próxima semana empezaremos los talleres con los participantes inscritos en Londres y la siguiente en Bogotá!

Gracias a todo el equipo que está colaborando en hacer este performance posible!

The public call was launched yesterday for the Migratory Dreams performance from Plataforma Bogotá. In Bogotá workshops will be in July Tuesday 24, Wednesday 25, Friday 27 and Tuesday 31, 10:00am – 1:00pm.
Performance: August 3, 2:00pm – 4:00pm.

We had our second technical test between Resonance FM and Plataforma Bogotá. We had some network problems that we hope to solve soon. We chose Sala de Muestras for the performance (see image above) and also the Laboratorio as listening space. We look forward to start next week the workshops with participants who booked a place in London and in Bogotá the week after!

Thanks to the team that is working to make possible this performance!

Letters and Bridges – Cartas y puentes Telematic Sonic Performance Leicester- Ciudad de Mexico

(español abajo)
Here you can listen to the full performance, and follow the programme.

On Saturday May 12th, we had an intimate and wonderful real time telematic improvisation sound performance between Leicester and Mexico. In Leicester performers were located in Interact Gallery, in Mexico, they were located at CENART (National Mexican Center for the Arts). Listeners and performers, who in turn are listeners, took part of an interesting and rare experience in both locations. Participants were able to perform letters sent by their loved ones and also sent between them. The active audience performed how the cities’ sound and how they sound in these cities. This performance was the result of a performers’ process of listening and exchange, following a Deep Listening practice of traveling in time and space and expressing feelings associated with their migrations. Performing is listening, being in the moment of the sound; either as a spoken word or a voice that is freed from the meaning of the words and moves to abstract sound, and travels to the body to clap, to hit the floor, extending it to the turning on of devices such as radio, and coming back to the body as a soft, or strong  breathing, and whispering. In each city about 20 people, including performers were listening to the event. Inês Amado, a performer in Leicester, felt that “the variety of approaches was quite rich; from the very gentle approach, to the vibrant, to the paused, to the soft to the playful, to the impassioned all very sincere, immersed intense and heartfelt.” In Mexico, Susana Mateos, one of the participants, referred to the experience as “touching something really deep. The nostalgia for the one that is not present. The experience was very moving, it took me to another place”. The setting included four loudspeakers in each location, two amplifying local sound, and two amplifying distant sound. The recordings are from a zoom microphone’s perspective located in Leicester. We used Soundjack software developed by Alexander Carôt, and had a high quality and stable Internet streaming connection.
Thanks to all participants in both locations! (Credits below)

A video showing images offered by performers, evoked by the letters and also words and thoughts from pre-performance workshops (the video is silent):

Some moments of the day of the performance:

El sábado 12 de mayo, tuvimos un performance telemático de improvisación sonora en tiempo real íntimo y maravilloso entre Leicester (Inglaterra) y Ciudad de México. En Leicester performers se reunieron en Interact Gallery, en Mexico, se reunieron en el CENART (Centro Nacional de las Artes). Escuchas y performers, quienes son también escuchas, participaron de esta experiencia interesante y extraña en las dos ciudades. Los participantes pudieron performar cartas enviadas por sus seres queridos y también enviadas entre ellos. La audiencia activa realizó un performance de cómo suenan sus ciudades y cómo suenan ellos allí. Este performance fue el resultado de un proceso de escucha e intercambio entre parejas de performers y grupos, siguiendo la práctica de Deep Listening para viajar en tiempo y espacio y expresar sentimientos asociados con sus migraciones. Performar es escuchar, estar en el momento del sonido; ya sea con palabra hablada o con una voz que es liberada del significado de las palabras y se mueve al sonido abstracto, y viaja a través del cuerpo para aplaudir, zapatear, extender este sonido para sintonizar la radio, y volver al cuerpo con un respirar suave, o fuerte, y con murmullos. En cada ciudad alrededor de 20 personas escucharon el evento. Inês Amado, performer en Leicester, sintió que “la variedad de expresiones fue muy rica; desde el sonido muy sutil, al vibrante, al pausado, al suave al juguetón, al apasionado, todos muy sinceros, sumergidos de lleno y de todo corazón.” Para Susana Mateos, una de las participantes en México, la experiencia le “tocó una parte muy adentro, de esa nostalgia por el que no está. El ejercicio fue muy emotivo, me llevó a otro lugar”. La amplificación sonora incluyó cuatro parlantes en cada ciudad, dos amplificando el sonido local, y dos amplificando sonido distante. Las grabaciones están hechas desde la perspectiva de un micrófono zoom en el escenario de Leicester. Utilizamos el software Soundjack creado por Alexander Carôt, y tuvimos una señal de audio streaming via Internet de alta calidad y estable.

Gracias a todos los participantes en las dos ciudades!

Arriba pueden escuchar el performance completo.


Performers y creadores cartas: Inês Amado, Marie Christine Camus, César Damián, Ron Herrema, Sally Hossack, Neli Ruzic.

Performers y creadores contexto sonoro: Nasrallab Abdurahman, Mohamed Ahmed, Diana Carola Castro, Daria Chernysheva, Tove Dalenius, Mario A. Díaz, Claudio Gonzalez, Bessie Hayes, Bárbara Lázara, Lydia Margules, Susana Mateos, Annelie Nederberg, Sam Wooldridge, Pelani Ziba.

Apoyo logístico: Ana Lilia Maciel, Rosibel Saracay.

Apoyo técnico: Sergio Bautista, Sean Clark, Néstor Jiménez, Stuart Smith, CANAL 23.