What is the ‘in-between’ sonic space like when we migrate? Which sounds travel with us and how our voice change?
Networked Migrations is an art research project that creates real time sound art through the internet about experiences of migration. In 2012 it involved the development of two sonic telematic performances that enabled the creation of sonic spaces which help migrants to express feelings of being in the ‘in-between’: Letters and Bridges, between Leicester and Mexico City, on 12th May, 2012,

and Migratory Dreams, between London and Bogotá, on 3rd August, 2012. Subsequently, performances such as Tasting Sound Listening to Taste 2013, and Suelo Fertil [Fertile Soil] 2016 have been created. The latter has become an online and offline creative platform for migrant women. Visit .

Also I have had collaborations with Srishti Interim – Bangalore that has led to performances such as Bangalore Aural Transitions 2015 and R.E.Member 2016 created by students. Also I have collaborated with Female Laptop Orchestra, with the performance In Transglasphone 2016 (London – Sao Paulo, and London – Cambridge).

You can follow the links to listen to the performances and explore the blog which also contains pictures and videos of the process.

Using Deep Listening practice as a facilitator of the listening and sounding process with non-performer[1] participants, the research aimed to know: how this performance practice creates and evokes the imagined in-between space in a migratory context, and what the best strategies are to create these sound performances, with respect to work with participants, the venues, audiences, and use of technologies. By using voice, acoustic sounds and pre-recorded sound environments, the researcher experimented with available on-line, and bi-directional sound-streaming applications.

Scholarly papers have been published about the experience:

This project is based at CRiSAP – Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice from University of the Arts London.
Many thanks to all!!

[1] By non-performer I refer here to participants that joined the workshops and the performance without previous experience of experimental sound performance, or whose main activity is not related specifically with sound art or telematic art.