Migratory Dreams – Telematic Sonic Performance London – Bogotá Aug. 3rd

Migratory Dreams is a sonic exploration of dreams made by a group of Colombians who have migrated to London, and a group of Colombians residing in Bogotá who have migrated through dreams, families, friends, and technology to many other spaces, and some of whom have migrated geographically and returned to their country.

Dreamers have looked at the spaces where their dreams take place and the feelings associated with these in relation to their migrations. They have engaged in Deep Listening exercises, traveling in time and space through listening, and explored their sonic experience in dreams. When sharing their dreams they have amplified them in the waking reality with the help of the other dreamers, by listening and sounding, and have woven a collective dream in each city. In the Internet-based performance, Colombians from these distant locations will meet to weave, in real-time, another dream, transcending even more the geographical spaces where the dreamers are, and where their dreams take place.

Where might Colombians’ dreams take you?

Live on Resonance 104.4 FM on the 3rd of August, 2012 at 8:00pm (London time) 2:00pm (Bogotá time)

Performers Dreamers in London: Amaru, Nelly, Sebastián, Steve Cárdenas Mosquera
Performers Dreamers in Bogotá: Diana María Restrepo, Joela, Sandra Miranda Pattin, Tzitzi Barrantes
Programmer Interface: Emmett Glynn

Performance supported by:
CRiSAP – Creative Research in Sound Arts Practice, LCC University of the Arts London, in collaboration with Plataforma Bogotá, Deep Listening Institute and Resonance FM.


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